Eyelash and Eyelid Demodex Symptoms

Rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis are by far the most common disorders affecting eyelids and ocular surface.  Often they are benign and commonplace, however if you see symptoms of dry eye or (more rarely) ocular corneo-conjunctival inflammation then Demodex mite involvement is very common.


eyelash test on lash mites demodex

Lash Mites (Demodex on Eyelashes, EyeBrows and Eyelids) is common condition among people suffering from Demodicosis. Before treating Eye Demodex, ask your doctor to test the eyelashes for demodex mites.


Demodex treatment


Line of products Demodex Control™ can eliminate skin parasites.

On the picture above, there are four anti demodex products from Demodex Control™ :


1. Demodex Control™ Face Wash. This natural cleanser fortified with anti demodex oils (Tea tree and Neem) known for its anti demodex properties.

2. Eyes n Mites™ Lotion. Used for treatment of the eyes (eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows), which often get infected with demodex mites.

3. Demodex Control™ Face Cream. Helps to kill the mites deep inside hair follicles and skin pores, provides relief from itching and skin irritation.

4. C Booster. The Must have product for post demodex recovery. It is fortified with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to boost suppressed immune system of the skin.


Dysfunction of the eyes meibomian (gland on your eyelide) is responsible for the majority of signs and symptoms that come through Demodex mites. Inflammation that is toxic in origin, infectious or immunological may be seen on the eyelid thanks to Demodex mites, but in most cases the symptoms are usually those not specific and just involve dry eyes or discomfort.  Eye redness or the scabbed edges of the eyelid is also often reported.

The mites causing the problem are microscopic and cannot be seen by human eyes, and will tend to grow and multiply whist you are asleep.  They hide deep inside your eyelash follicles and glands, making treatment very difficult.  The problem is that the eye is very sensitive, so what you need is EYES n MITES Natural Anti Demodex Lotion for Eye Demodicosis.  It is gentle enough to apply to your eyes but powerful enough to kill the mites and stop the infection spreading.

Demodex folliculorum or Demodex mites are 0.4 mm long.  It is a small mite (a tiny creature that can not be observed in an electron microscope) which lives in the pores of facial hair, nose, chins and the eye lashes.   Demodex-associated infections are formed when some of these mites congregate at the base of a single eyelash.   These mites feed on dead skin or eye discharge.  In an eyelash hair follicle, there are as many as 25 mite eggs.  When a mature hair follicle drops out they go and find a new one to leave their eggs.  This process takes 14-18 days.  

The body of Demodex is covered with scales allowing them to cling easily to the hair follicles.  Certain species of Demodex may cause eye disease with complications in the secretion of tears.  This is because these mites eat the cells of glands (the glands in your eyes) responsible for the secretion of tears.  Diseases known as blepharitis is likely to occurs as an indisposition due to these mites and it creates a nasty burning sensation.  With this disease, the eyelashes may fall out.

This is a problem that can escalate so you need a medication that will fix it, but what you must also do is treat the mites over a course of several days.  You need to kill off the current adult mites, but also keep treating so that when the 25 eggs per eyelash hatch, that they don’t go off and lay their eggs.  Continued and regular treatment will cut off the mites way of life and force them to die or to find another home.  You should then work to increase your immune system with a healthy diet, exercise, moderate sunshine and plenty of vitamin C.  With a strong immune system, your body will fight off future attacks by eye mites and save you having to go through the pain and discomfort of this again.