Mask for Follicle Demodex Mites

I have had rosacea for over ten years I have been in treatment based dermatological metronidazole (treatment gel) and an acaricide (mite killer) ointments, the sensible options for killing small saprophytic mites (Demodex) living on our skin. When they breed in great numbers it tends to be the cause of the inflammation of the skin tissue on the face, it works for a few months and then relapses. The permanent solution came when I decided to try the Stop Demodex Natural Anti Demodex Mask in conjunction with my current medication and I took up a more balanced diet.



Vitamin C diet helps to boost your Immune System and fight back the outbreaks of Demodex mites on your skin.


The Stop Demodex natural mask works by getting deep into your pores and helping them heal whilst gluing to and suffocating the mites. Slowly the mites, dirt, dead skin and oil are drawn from your skin. After the mask you cleanse your skin really well and the mites numbers are severely reduced. The redness is reduced through use of the mask, whilst the pores are loosened and the antibacterial agents are able to get in and deal with the bacteria problems as well. The mask is great for scabies, demodicosis, acne and rosacea.

There are many different face masks out there for oily skin prone to spots and it takes so much time and trial and error to find one that works for you. There are many different variations and tested recipes to treat blemishes and oily skin, Demodex mites and dry skin. Stop Demodex Natural Anti Demodex Mask aims to try to solve all of them whilst realising that they are all related in some way. Oily skin causes spots, dry skin encourages mite growth, so this mask deals with all the causes, to try to help solve all the problems.



Stop Demodex is Natural Facial - Anti Demodex Mask. It is used to treat severe demodicosis in humans. It can be used solo or in combination with other anti demodex products made by Ovante.


Pre-treat your face with steam before applying a mask. If you steam your face then this will open your pores and help the mask clear your skin. Boil a pan of water and then let it sit for a few seconds then hang a towel around your head and put your head on top of the pot (in steam). Keep there for about 5 minutes. Apply to your face ensuring that the mixture is thick enough to stay on the problem areas. Wash with a clean washcloth with warm water.

The great thing about the mask is that is it a very passive way of reducing Demodex mite populations on your face. Soaps, cleansers, lotions and creams are all there as strong head on measures, aiming at having an active ingredient get in there and kick the mites ass. A mask simply allows the time for your skin to react and works with your natural skin movements so that the mites, dirt, grease, oil and bacteria can be drawn out slowly. No other method may do this. A cleansing agent will have your skin reacting to how cold the lotion is, contracting pores to compensate in the same way that a cream may kill the mites, but leaves them stuck on your face all day. A mask draws out the nasties and then holds them so that you can wash them away.