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Demodectic eating is what the scientists call the condition where Demodex (human) mites multiply quickly and start to eat healthy skin.  In dogs this may manifest its self as mange, but in humans it often manifests as red inflamed skin or spots.  It may be caused by a parasite called Demodex folliculorum, a microscopic tiny mite that looks a bit like a eight legged worm.  They make their home in hair follicles, pores, oil glands and on your faces surface skin.  Demodex folliculorum infections are common on the face because conditions on the face are best suited for mite survival.  With this said there are up to 80% of fully grown adults that have them I abundance by are asymptomatic (have no ill effects at this point).

scalp demodex shampoo for mites

Image of Scalp Demodicosis

Demodex folliculorum is not the same species that causes demodectic eating dogs but it is the same mite (same organism).  Its like bird species where one is a parrot and another a crow, but they are both birds.  Dog Demodex are a completely different kind of called Demodex canis and that can cause hair loss and severe itching.

Theories and speculation with some researchers believe that Demodex folliculorum may cause hair loss in humans as it does in dogs, however, these theories have not been proven and if the majority of the population is infected with the mite, it does not match the number of people with baldness.  The mite prefers to live in the skin of the face and forehead as well as in cilia and in the ear canal.

If you are a sufferer of a skin condition that may be related to Demodex mites then it is a good idea to treat your heair with a D'Modex Natural Anti Demodex Shampoo.  This is primarily due to the fact that swarms of the mites on your face are going to migrate to your head where there are plenty of hair follicles for them to set up shop.  Your face touches your hair, your face and hands touch your pillow which again touches your hair.  The opportunity for transfer is staggering, and so proper precautions should be taken against Demodex mites.

There is also the other factor which is often not considered, in that your hair may be the mite factory that is provoking the attacks on your face.  When you are treating your facial spots, blemishes and infected patches you are killing and removing the mites, but if every one of your hair follicles is producing mites, then in the morning your face will be cram packed full with new mite recruits, ready to re-take the homes that their deceased friends lost.

The shampoo hoists the mites from your hair follicles by denying them the oils, grease, dead skin, dirt and grime on which they feed.  Instead of trying to drown them or applying harsh chemicals, the shampoo simply removes their food.  Then the next time you wash your hair you can wash out the dead and starved mites along with it.  When you get a spot on your head, it does weaken the root, and a Demodex mite will take advantage of this.  After years of infestation your hair will become weaker and thinner as your roots scar.  The D'Modex Natural Anti Demodex Shampoo helps to calm this tidal wave of angry mites and puts you back in control.



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Demodex Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and the Scalp Lotion are three products that can be used to treat demodex folliculorum - when mites affect hair roots and skin pores of the scalp.