How to Prevent and Control Human Demodex

The prevention and treatment for Demodex mite infection is similar for animals, as it is for humans. A local external (topical) treatment, for example by applying a gel with benzoyl peroxide, chlorhexidine, or rotenone is generally sufficient enough to slow down or stop an infestation in humans. Although benzoyl peroxide penetrates into the hair follicle and has a strong drying effect, and sometimes irritates the skin. A pronounced and entrenched Demodicosis will usually require a full body treatment. This will require a Demodicosis treatment which is both local, internal and systemic treatment with regular washing.

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Exercise, Healthy Diet Help to Fight Demodex Mites

Having and maintaining a healthy immune system will help fight off Demodex. Maintain a healthy diet, reasonable exercise and stay away from drugs and you will be free from Demodex, short of extreme anxiety or illness. As you age you will need to take better care of yourself as your immune system will get weaker with age.

Demodicosis is the explosion of mite breeding, leading them to eat away at both living and dead cells on a persons skin. Curing and treating Demodicosis is difficult and involves topical creams and medication. To make sure it does not return, try eating lots of vitamin C to help maintain a strong immune system, as well as treating new outbreaks quickly before they cause too much damage. Use an anti Demodex cream that is not very strong, as the stronger stuff may do skin damage that aggravates the problem. Use a milder cream for smaller outbreaks. You should use rub on anti demodex creams and lotions and talk to your doctor about antibiotics to help out your immune system if you are ill and a chronic Demodex suffer.

There are natural creams that you may try such as Demodex Cream, which are full of herbs and such to help curve infestations. If you apply it thickly to the flesh, then it will have more of an effect. Oils that do not allow the mites to breath (without feeding them) will help the healing process without making it easier for the mites to re-infext later.

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Cream Demodex Cream and Facial Mask - Your First Defense from Demodex Mites


Prevention around the eyes is often difficult, but be sure to use fresh toeyelash mites treatment demodexwels weekly, and change your bed sheets and pillowcases frequently too. It is a g ood idea to keep your eye area dry, and use only mild creams to treat around the eyes. If you are a recurrent sufferer then you really must give makeup a miss, as it opens up hair follicles, oil glands and pores so that more mite may set up shop inside.

Again if you are a chronic suffer, then try scalp creams and preventative gels, as well as healing/preventative shampoos. A deep clean will also help, as the mites will live deep within hair follicles.



Good cleansing lotions and soaps will also help to lower the amount of fface demodex mites, demodexin, ovanteo od available for the mites to eat and so help prevent re-infestation. You must also consider the fact that some soaps may be harsh and cause your skin to go dry and flake, which will provide the mites with plenty to eat, so tread carefully and stop using products if you notice that they are damaging your skin or making it flake.