Demodex fighting Tips

How to fight Demodex mites !!!!
Mites are microscopic creatures, a frequent cause of allergy.  They constitute the bulk of house dust and live mainly in the beds, skin and anywhere where they may feed on small scales of dead skin that peel from the body.

The temperature and the moisture produced by perspiration represent conditions which favor parasitic (mite) growth.  The allergenic particles are often the their own dung, liberated in the air which are easily inhaled and then affect the allergic person.

The mites are therefore responsible for the onset of particularly nasty respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis and chronic bronchial asthma) but can also cause dermatitis.

Attack their numbers !!!!
Decreasing the concentration of mites in the environment is the first step to improving the nasty buggers associated with diseases such as dermatitis, scabies, acne and rosacea.  As combat measure you must eliminate as much dust as possible.  This is the most important measure you can take and is the standing ground and trenches of your battle.

What measures to take !!!
Some measures are easy to implement, others are more difficult and challenging:

ventilate the house (especially bedrooms) several times during the day in this way lowers the temperature and eliminates moisture that accumulates particularly at night.

The more items that are daily exposed to sun then the better, so get your curtains open and position your bed near the window.  Grab some air pillows and change sheets, blankets, quilts, and at least every 15 days

The mattress is important, therefore, beyond the material it is made, the mattress can be as manageable.  If you can not expose the mattress to the sun then you must pass the vacuum cleaner across it every week

Wash your laundry at temperatures above 60 ° as this will allow the killing of mites within your laundry through denaturing them.  Blankets, duvets and bed linen should be washed in water because the dry cleaning fails to remove fine particles of allergenic dust.

Regularly clean the house with the vacuum cleaner that is able to suck a lot of dust, dead mites and droppings, provided that the filters (HEPA filters are the best) are changed frequently.

Cleaning should be done with the windows open and when the allergic person is absent.  Use a chamois cloth or a damp cloth to remove dust from furniture.

Use of steam cleaners is counterproductive as it is designed to radiate heat and humidity rather than kill the mites; instead it stimulates their proliferation.

You, Yourself and Your Face !!!!!!
Then turn your attentions to yourself.  Do all you can to get more exercise and eat a balanced diet so as to improve your immune system.  You can fight off most mite attacks with a strong immune system.  If you notice the ill effects of mites, through various skin conditions then you must use medicated formulas to alleviate the problems before they become unmanageable.  Also use products that encourage healing, so that the damaged skin does not play host to new mite homes.

Take Off your makeup with as much care as you use to put it on !!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, if you have to wear make up, then use a really good makeup remover.  MAGIC TOUCH Natural Make up Remover for Demodex, Rosacea and Acne prone skin is really good for lifting makeup, dirt, grime and the mites themselves from your skin.  Don’t forget that makeup is going to widen your pores, and as your natural skin oil mixes with it, the mites will start to feed on it.  This means that without the little extra help from Magic Touch, you are going to be increasing the mite populations on your skin.  This will cause blemishes which you will have to cover up with more make up.  The Magic touch make up remover lifts the makeup and dirt from your face whilst attacking the mites themselves.  In most cases the lotion will remove your makeup and pull off a load of mites at the same time too.  If you are prone to skin conditions then this product is a must, and if you are taking the proper precautions as named above, then you will be in a very strong position to fight back.