Demodex Folliculorum in Humans

Demodex folliculorum is a mite parasite that attacks humans. Anyone and everybody is a host to this mite, regardless of health. It is found at the base of hair follicles or near the sebaceous glands. If your mites are breeding quickly and thriving on your skin, then this is called abnormal proliferation and is often followed by various diseases such as rosacea (or rosacea), demodicosis or chronic blepharitis. Demodex mites may also be problematic in immunocompromised individuals. These are people who have a poor immune system, either through ill health or sickness.


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Ideally if you have an outbreak of one of the aforementioned skin complaints, or sensitive skin or a low immune system, then you will need a lotion that will cleanse without damaging your skin. D CLEANSER Natural Cleanser Wash With Anti Demodex Properties is ideal because it acts as a regular cleanser but also has that little bit of anti-mite formula to help wash away the mites as well. It’s like a little extra insurance against further outbreaks of the mites. It lowers their numbers and breaks their ranks so that they find it a little harder to lay their eggs in your skin.

Some people may have a combination of skin types (such as people who have very oily nose and chin, but their cheeks are normal). People with dry dehydrated cheeks or dry areas on their face are going to be more susceptible to Demodex mites than other people because there is more food available for them. Again the people with oily skin, or oily patches and blotches are going to have more mites on their face because there is more food for the mites to eat. D CLEANSER Natural Cleanser Wash With Anti Demodex Properties will not only clear away the surface mites and help your skin heal, but it will also gently lift away the grease, oil and dead skin, so that the remaining mites have less to eat.

Some cleansing washes are too harsh and will kill off mites but damage skin. This leaves open spaces for mites to burrow in, and the damaged skin makes it go dry and flake so that the mites have more to eat. The battle in these cases is won, but the war is lost because you will have created more homes for future mites to come and chow down.

You want to guard against constant washing and re-washing to get rid of over populations of mites on your face, because this again will damage skin and then attract more mites. You need a cleansing lotion that is gentle and that will also help you heal those little micro-tears and micro-fractures in your skin as it battles with the elements.

If you are a woman, then using makeup is going to make your blotches, spots and skin problems worse. The makeup opens up the pores and makes it harder for your skin to heal, instead it opens up the doors for mites to come and lay their eggs. Even if you use just a little makeup, you will need to use D CLEANSER Natural Cleanser Wash With Anti Demodex Properties to fully lift and get rid of all the makeup. If it is left on your face overnight then the mites will convert it into food and in the morning your face, hair and pillow will be swarming with thousands of tiny mites with their bellies full, all set to go lay their eggs in your skin whilst you are out on your day.