What Do Demodex Mites Look like

Demodex mites live in fur and hair follicles (on pets and humans respectively) and are very tiny parasites that need to exist in large groups to adversely affect humans.  During middle age when humans tend to have a weaker immune system, the Demodex mites will often strike and begin to show symptoms.  On humans there are only really two types that will bother us (although over 65 exist).  These two are called Demodex follicular and Demodex brevis.  The first set are long nasty ones that exist mainly near hair follicles.  The latter are smaller and make their home in sebaceous glands/oil glands.  They are very small, being only a maximum of 300 microns in length and being as short as 100 microns.  To give you a clue to how small that is, there are 25400 microns in one inch.  The full stop at the end of this sentence is 615 microns wide.  So you are not going to see them hopping around your face without a microscope.

It is not necessarily bad if it is taken care of in time, demodicosis is tedious and often requires especially long-term treatments.  Perseverance, patience and careful monitoring of the prescription from your doctor will be the keys to overcome the parasites.

Demodicosis is a skin disease that more often affects dogs but is frequently seen in humans through contact with (you guessed it) dogs.  It comes through and/or is due to infection of hair follicles by a parasite called Demodex mites.  This parasite is a microscopic mite called a Demodex mite.

People often come to first contact with the mite when dealing with dogs, as many dogs are infested with this parasite without express clinical signs.  As a warning too, you need to know that it is often seen in puppies, so please beware and check if they are infested before letting your kids play with them, because the disease occurs in puppies between three and twelve months.  Sometimes older dogs they will express the disease as the result of an immune deficiency, or secondary to another disease.

Demodex mites make set up shop anywhere on a human body.  This is because humans are mammals, then they are covered in both hair follicles and sebaceous glands.  They are more common around peoples faces because the area is better suited for them and often congregate around the forehead, nose chin and cheeks. 

Of all the Ectoparasites that live on animal fur ad and humans, the Demodex mites are almost as common as dust mites.  You may know this as mange when it turns up on your family pet, though little did you know that you are also covered in the little suckers.  It is far worse for pets than it is for us, but when symptoms do appear it is called eating.  This is a nice (or not) way of saying the mites are eating dead and decaying and alive cells, instead of just dead cells.  When Demodex mites are eating humans then they may lead to more serious and chronic skin problems.




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