Demodex Folliculorum Symptoms and Diagnosis

Skin lesions during primary Demodicosis are circumscribed hair loss or extended. There is also often dander (dandruff). Sometimes Demodicosis is complicated by the appearance of a secondary bacterial infection of the skin (this is called pyodémodécie) or significant dermal inflammation.

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Mild Demodex


Demodex as seen on humans normally does no harm. This parasite is not considered pathogenic, although it is still discussed and that studies are continuing on this. Indeed, an abnormal proliferation is correlated with certain diseases: rosacea (or rosacea), chronic blepharitis. Demodex may also be problematic in immunocompromised individuals. In these cases, the proliferation of Demodex has an opportunistic nature and cause Demodicosis.

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Symptoms of Demodex Infestation on Face


A sexual dimorphism may be noted with Demodex mites in that the female is shorter than the male and has a more rounded body. Reproduction occurs throughout the year and the entire cycle of the parasite on the host takes place in 18-24 days. Fertilization is internal and the female leaves between 20 and 24 eggs in a hair follicle. After hatching, the nymphs emerge, similar to adults except that they have only six legs instead of 8. The eighth pair grows during the maturation of nymph to adult. The genus Demodex that does not exist in humans (it is home only to D. folliculorum and D. brevis). There are about 65 known species, each with a very specific host. Owners of dogs/canines will have bald patches and sore spots appear on their dogs caused by Demodex canis

Demodex folliculorum is a mite parasite of humans. Anyone in hosts, regardless of health. It is found at the base of hair follicles or near the sebaceous glands. This is the tip of the nose we find them: simply to express the pores of the facial skin and collect on a strip the sebum usually accompanied by hair follicles. This is where you can find these little mites (300 to 400 microns)

Demodex folliculorum has a vermiform body: the transversely striated opisthosoma occupies two thirds of the individual. Four pairs of legs, quite stocky, are clearly visible. There are no setae or claws visible. The transverse grooves are continuous and not dotted (obs 100x, imm.). The chelicerae are very small. Similar to D. folliculorum but the opisthosoma proportionally shorter, the Demodex brevis is found more rarely, especially in the chest. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of D. folliculorum

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Scalp Demodex


Paraclinical diagnosis goes by three methods to confirm the diagnosis by demonstrating in large numbers of Demodex parasitic mites:
Direct parasitological examination of pus, scales (by scraping) or eyelashes (for Tweezing). The sample is placed between slide and coverslip and observed under an optical microscope after the addition of KOH at 10 p. 100.
The surface biopsy in cyanoacrylate, noninvasive and painless. It can reap the most superficial zone of the stratum corneum and to study the density of Demodex (more than 5 elements/cm2) and evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. This method is still being standardized.

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Skin Biopsy


Skin biopsy is rarely performed classically and is only currently known when dealing with granulomatous rosacea and can sometimes they find parasites in the follicular infundibulum and debris extra follicular mitea in tuberculoid inflammatory infiltrates in the superficial dermis. It allows for the differential diagnosis with cutaneous sarcoidosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.


If you were diagnosed with demodex, you need effective anti demodex products in order to kill the mites and to clear the skin from the symptoms. Unfortunately, conventional medicine is helpless when it comes to treatment. All prescribed demodex medications are extremely immunosuppressive. It will not kill the mites.

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