Follicle Demodex Mites on Body

Soapless Medicated Body Wash to remove Demodex Follicle mites

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Washing Your Body Daily With Anti Demodex Wash, Help to eliminate follicle mites from your skin, it also ensures faster treatment of Demodex


Demodex mites are the little creeps that live on and in your skin and are the reason for a whole host of skin conditions, including dermatitis, scabies and acne.  When these parasites migrate around your body, they can lead to some ugly conditions ,not to mention a back or chest full of acne.  If you have tired everything else and it hasn’t worked, then there is good chance that Demodex mites are the criminals stealing your hotness.  In that case you need a soap-less body wash that is geared towards fighting them.

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A good medicated cream and body wash will kick those mites right in the googlies.  Steer clear from antibiotics when it comes to your skin.  Quite often you will see puss being created, which is great if you are fighting bacteria causing problems, but you are not.  You are fighting mites, and they will wait for the antibiotics to die and body germs to die and form puss (spots) and then eat the leftovers and spread.  Sulfur soaps on the other hand may be a little too harsh for sensitive skins and if you have a weak immune system then it may cause more problems than it solves.

With the body wash you should create a good foam to rinse thoroughly cleanse the skin tending to acne and seborrheic areas.  You should thoroughly clean the skin without irritation, so don’t use a rough body scrubber.  Apply to damp skin, massage gently for a few seconds and leave it on there for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.  Avoid the eye area, because like most things, the active ingredient is not a friend of the eye.  If you are using it in the bath then why not try doing one limb or two limbs at a time and then keeping them in the water.  I also couldn’t hurt if you put a little of the mixture in the bath as you run it, so that you are soaking in the mite killing formula whilst in your bath.

It is widely believed that if you do suffer with skin conditions including mites, that using soap is not a great idea.  Soap is in senescence a small hook with a balloon on the end.  The molecule has one end that really loves to stick to anything, and the other end really loves to stick to water (to float in it like a balloon would).  The soap attaches to dirt and your skin and is pulled off by water.  The trouble is that soap also pulls apart damaged and dead skin cells, leaving bits scattered all over your skin for Demodex mites to come alone and eat.  This is the reason why a soapless shower and/or bath wash is preferred if you are suffering with a mite related ailment.

Along your face, chest, and back it is recorded that when beyond their thirties 1 in 5 men continues to suffer from acne.  This is partly due to when the pores are clogged by dead cells, the bacteria grows and causes pimples.  These dead cells are a fairground for mites, who will take advantage of this weakened skin state and set up shop. Man or woman, you must exfoliate to promote cell renewal and keep pores clear.  Gently cleanse the face 1-2 times a week using a medicated soap less gel in the shower.