Demodex Scabies

Chiggers such are insect larvae whom feed on human skin, causing an intensely itchy dermatitis are ubiquitous in the environment outside, except in arid regions. Several species are responsible for various forms of scabies (strictly host-specific), demodicidosis which is a dermatitis-esk scabbies caused by the parasitic genus Demodex, also called mange in animals and several other diseases. The bites cause varying degrees of local tissue reaction and damage, often with or without physical sensitization.

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Demodex bites can cause other skin conditions


Dermatitis is a condition that is caused by tiny parasites which will occasionally bite and infect humans but are usually ectoparasites of birds, house pets, farm animals, rodents and dust mites present in plant biological materials or food or in food storage. The first group includes: bird mites, which affect workers and staff of establishments that frequently handle poultry or domestic birds or birds that have nests on their houses, rodent parasites and from cats and puppies, and rabbits; porcine scabies mites from the pig farms or domestic pigs. Although these mites don’t bite, people often acquire hypersensitivity to allergens that come into contact on their body through their mite droppings.

With conditions that come through mite infestation often have a delayed reaction and usually the majority of patients are addressed to a physicians when it has been irritating them for a few days. There is also the possibly of skin lesions that come about through various mites can be indistinguishable from each other and may superficially resemble other skin conditions, including insect bites, dermatitis, folliculitis, the chiggers and scabies. The diagnosis must be based on the patients medical history which must include the patient's lifestyle, work and recreational environments, the clinical presentation and microscopic identification.

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Dermatitis and Parasitosis


Parasitosis is a condition in which the patient or the patient is believed the victim of an infestation by mites and occurs more often in women of menopausal age or older, and the cause is usually unknown. In recent cases, the recreational use of cocaine or methamphetamine it is often the cause, especially in men and younger women.

Treatments for mite infections come in products such as acaricides, such as those used for the treatment of scabies, they are however not useful for the treatment of bites or allergic reactions to mites or chiggers which are only transient. In case of necessity it must be applied on the skin a cream or ointment forms of corticosteroid until healing occurs. In severe cases, corticosteroids may be prescribed by the general route. Similarly, allergic skin reactions should be treated symptomatically.

The treatment of parasitosis after other diagnoses have been excluded, may provide substance abuse therapy, medication and psychiatric therapy. The application of a scabicide has with some people only a temporary placebo effect at best.

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Natural or Chemical Anti Demodex Products


Appropriate drugs are needed to eliminate Demodex mites. It is therefore essential to approach a doctor whenever you notice severe itching, dry skin and a rash. Before using these drugs, you must be aware that these drugs often lead to some harmful side effects, so you should try a patch test before using. People have been known to go for alternative medicines due to the harsh side effects that have been known with prescription medication.