Cream For Demodex Prone Skin

Our bodies react differently
We are all different.  Peoples bodies react differently.  Some people are allergic to nuts, some people wont be cured by antibiotics and some people will come out in a rash if they use certain perfumes.  We are all different and this is the reason that the medical world creates alternative treatments for different conditions.  If one does not work for you, then try a different one.  If one road is blocked then you can pap your horn and gun your engine or you can find another route to your destination.

It all began
It all started with red patches on my face that made me look a little like I had sunburn cheeks.  They were a little blotchy so I went to the doctors and I was diagnosed with mild rosacea, which began to seriously depress me.  I was strike with fear that things were progressing as I looked up the condition online and looked at the clinical cases, as can be seen on the pictures in the dermatological sites.  I am already shy around men when it comes to dating, and now I was going to end up having a face that looked like I had boiled tomatoes thrown on me.

It got worse
Through a combination of stress, worry and the tetracycline antibiotics I was given, the redness spread to the entire face (except the chin) and one month after intense burning sensation appeared.  The antibiotics are good for treating spots and rosacea in some people but it didn’t touch my problem.  For over a month my facial skin was very inflamed and the pain intensified in the late afternoon and night.  I went to take samples to the clinic and they found an "overcrowded" (doctors word) mite population in my skin (demodex mites).

Correctly diagnosed with Demodex mites
It was horrible to think that my skin was full of tiny mites, eating and gnawing away at my skin, I hated leaving the house and I hated going to work.  I felt like everybody thought I was a scruff bag.  I was given a cream that I put on for over 10 days, and I treated all my house mite bomb and yet the stinging pain still prevents me from going to sleep properly and sometimes it takes a good 2 hours to fall asleep, the skin pain was so intense. 

Why it worked for me

The results were not instant, and it is a pain having to sneak off to the toilet to apply the cream whilst I am at work, but the results happened eventually and my skin started to heal.

The trouble was my skin was being attacked from all angles, damaging it and making it more hospitable for the mites to live.  They like to live in pores, hair follicles and oil glands.  They live on oil and dead skin, so the more my skin was damaged then the more oil and dead skin was created.  The antibiotics did not work because other than stopping zits, they couldn’t heal the skin being repeatedly damaged.  The sulfur creams killed the mites but damaged my skin, so it created dust, so the next wave of mites set up show and thrived on my dead skin and damaged cells.  The Natural Anti Demodex Cream worked to heal the skin.  It got deep into my pores and made it heal and a less hospitable place for the mites.  I had to apply it five times per day, but the sensation felt good against my sore skin.  I also took other measures to help it heal like a balanced diet full of vitamin C, and 20 minute burst of sunlight so that I tanned a little but didn’t burn.  I used mild soaps that didn’t harm the skin, and had my showers on a mild heat so as to not hurt my skin.  Over time it healed and the mites receded and redness faded.