Immune Boosting Diet for Demodex

In biology, immunity refers to the ability of the body defend itself against substances threatening its proper functioning or survival. These "threats" can be from various types, of which parasites is one. So the best defence against Demodex mites is a balanced diet with good nutrition to strengthen your immune system.

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The Strength of our Immune System Keeps Demodex Under Control


It has long been known that with age or disease, immunity weakens and the body becomes more venerable to infection. However, we also note that some apparently healthy adults and having a normal amount of immune cells (according to blood tests) often contract infections like colds and Demodicosis. On the contrary, under similar conditions other people would be resistant. We see the difference come through mainly by the way people live their lives. Epidemiological studies show us that a persons diet, along with sleeping and exercise habits, smoking, stress levels, the human relationship quality and general abode environment all influence the quality of immune-response.

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Many Factors Can Suppress Our Immune System

Symptoms of weak immune system are things such as persistent fatigue, which often hides a chronic stress or a lack of sleep, two factors that weaken immunity. Increased susceptibility to infections, which is observed by frequent colds, urinary tract infections, rashes of herpes, vaginitis repeated, a persistent wart, and Demodicosis. Injuries that take time to cure or heal, including nasty rashes full of Demodex.

Malnutrition via an unbalanced diet in quantity or quality is the most important cause of immunodeficiency worldwide and makes us vulnerable to several infectious diseases. A sedentary lifestyle, and conversely, overtraining lowers peoples immune system, as does lack of sleep and chronic stress. One of the multiple effects of chronic stress on the body is to reduce the ability of a persons immune system to react. Being overweight and obesity cause lower immune system responses to Dermodex mites. Immune functions appear to be affected by excess body fat, according to studies in humans and in the animals. We even found that obesity increased the risk of some specific microbes, such as influenza (flu) and Helicobacter pylori (associated with peptic ulcers).

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Weak Immune System Can not Control Demodex Mites


Most malnutrition by deficit in calories and protein is the major cause of immune deficiency. It occurs mainly where poverty and famine are present. In industrialized countries, micronutrient deficiency is increasingly common. The popularity of junk food partially explains this phenomenon. This form of malnutrition resulting from lack of vitamins and minerals. Studies in animals have shown that a deficiency in one micro-nutrient following night to immune function: zinc, selenium, iron, copper, calcium, folic acid and vitamins A, B6, C and E2 & E3. It is important to ensure that consume adequate servings of fruits and vegetables, protein and "good fats" every day.

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Healthy Diet + Exercise = Demodex Free

To stimulate someone’s immune system, it would appear that some vegetables are more effective than others. Things such as mushrooms, garlic, onions and shallots are also preferred for their antimicrobial properties. If you suffer from the ill effects of Demodex then consider that you may have a weak immune system. If you have signs of immune weakness, it would be helpful to get a blood test (prescribed by a doctor) and an assessment of your eating habits by a nutritionist.