demodex. treatment of demodex. demodexin. ovanteDEMODEX MITES ARE HARMLESS if present on the human skin in small number. Like any form of invasive insect infestation, the single lonely ones are no problem.  It’s when they gang up in numbers that they cause the biggest problems.  With your pets there are species of Demodex Mite that can lead to infection and death.  The human species can cause a great many long term and damaging problems if their numbers rise unchecked. 

If you are reading this, then most often your doctors solution is not helping to stop demodex infestation.  This is quite common, because people’s skin varies from person to person, and it often takes a few treatment in different variations to get the right solution to each person skin problem.

Demodex mites live on your skin, in your pores, in your oil glands (littler pores) and in your hair follicles. Their tiny size means that they can lay up to 25 eggs into a single one of your pores.  If your skin is dry or damaged then the mites will multiply in great numbers and start to cause problems.  If your immune system is weak through stress or illness then they will take the opportunity to start causing problems.


human demodex picture/image under microscop


Demodex mites multiply in great numbers and make current skin problems worse.  Then they add more problems, and while your skin is trying to catch up and heal the damage, they are causing more and creating more food for them and their millions of new hatch lings.

Using chemicals such as pesticides will often suppress the immune system, and if they are not working then you should move onto a more natural solution.  With your doctors approval, why not try both chemicals and pesticides and a natural product?

Some chemical solutions can not stop demodex because they do not allow your body and immune system to figure out how to defend themselves against the mites.  They move the goalposts, so that either the chemical wont work full stop, or the mites will return and set up shop when you stop using the chemicals.

Neem oil and lemon grass oils have been known to work very well for some peodemodex natural home holistic remediesple and have both aided in removing mites and healing the skin so that it is less venerable to mite attack.

Sulfur products is good, but it will dry your skin and the demodex mites will then eat the dry skin. Also, as soon as your skin gets dried, your body start producing more sebum oil which will feed the mites as well.  So fight demodicosis with common sense.  Change and wash your pillowcases often, and use a face cleanser and soap that removes the dead skin AND has Demodex mite killing agents inside.

Help your body heal
your skin problems with a strong immune system, don’t forget that sun has been proven to lower mite populations through the exposure to UV light and the sweat glands flushing out mite eggs.  Stay clean and try not to use harsh soaps or overly hot water so that your skin doesn’t go dry or greasy/oily.  If you notice that you are getting dry or oily skin, then tackle that problem.  That way the mites wont have the chance to get a foothold in your skin, and won’t be able to cause you any problems. Stay safe meaning stay away from chemicals. Chemical products can only stop the infection but can not stop demodex from spreading. It  will not cure the problem. Instead, it can suppress the immune system and cause more harm than good to your skin and treatment of demodex. Go green, choose natural - organic products to kill the mites and clear the skin from post demodex symptoms. Natural products are safe and effective.